Shelby Mihalevich is a designer, jeweler, blacksmith, bladesmith, tool maker, and all around metal mover.  Originally from Jefferson City, Missouri, Shelby has been making things since he was 7 years old.  His first creation was a robot made of scrap metal and things he found around the house that he could take apart. His passion for creating led him to study graphic design, where he gained valuable design skills that he would later integrate into his work as a metalsmith.  

Shelby moved to the mountains of North Carolina in 2006 to attend the Professional Crafts Program at Haywood Community College.  He studied Jewelry and Metalsmithing, where he quickly embraced metal as his medium of creative expression.  While in school he also got his first taste of blacksmithing and bladesmithing, and discovered a whole new and exciting realm of metalwork. 

Having been given his first knife at the age of 5, his foray into bladesmithing seemed a natural addition to his creative pursuits.  He continued his education by taking several classes with the American Bladesmith Society under world-renowned Master Bladesmiths.  

Working out of his home studio, Shelby pursues his passion for creating finely crafted, unique blades and works of art.